How to attract attention and enrage competitors, or Harmful guide to Internet trolling

Due to the high competition for the attention of the audience, traditional marketing tools do not always work. People hide from advertising, unsubscribe from the pages of companies in social networks and often miss decent publications. What to do business? In this situation, some entrepreneurs use trolling. You are probably familiar with this tool and consider its use unacceptable. Can trolling really help? Or will he just ruin your nerves and reputation? Let's figure it out.

Disclaimer: "VelikaPlaza" does not use and does not recommend using trolling as a business tool. Descriptions of tools and tactics are provided solely for informational purposes, as well as to improve the mood of readers.

Why do business troll someone

Trolling - provocation of specific interlocutors or the audience as a whole. Provocative messages attract attention and stimulate a reaction. The natural habitat of trolls is considered to be the Internet, since online it is easiest to get feedback from users.

Here is one of the main secrets of trolling: trolls feed on the emotional reactions of people. This knowledge will help you to defend yourself against Internet monsters or to pump your own provocateur skills.

Some web slang experts use the term flaming. Adult entrepreneurs should not waste time on the differentiation of these concepts. It is more convenient to consider the words "trolling" and "flaming" as synonyms.

Why do Internet trolls provoke users: prank, insult, tease, find fault? Here are the ideas:

  • For self-affirmation. Imagine the situation: you register a fake account on the social network, add a teacher or a friend to your friends, wait for a convenient moment and call him a jerk. At such moments you can be proud of yourself, right?
  • To have fun. Trolls get high when you manage to knock someone out.
  • To deprive the opponent's reputation. Everything is simple here: when you can’t get to the top yourself, you need at least to push someone from it.
  • To draw attention to something or someone. More often than not, the troll itself wants attention. Remember this when you hear that your bees have the wrong honey.
  • Just like that, for no reason. In this case, trolling acts as a symptom of mental disorder. After all, psychologists during the study found that all Internet trolls are psychopaths, sadists and daffodils. By the way, it seems that the authors of the study themselves trolls trolls.

Now the most important question: why do you need internet trolling in business? And the answers are already above. Choose your liking.

In fact, the goals of using trolling in business are obvious. With the help of provocations, you can draw attention to yourself, your business and product. You can also, to put it diplomatically, manage the reputation of competitors. How about self-affirmation and pleasure? Here decide for yourself.

And do not forget: trolling violates the norms of ethics and morality. Do not use this tool, so as not to spoil the reputation.

Than troll, or about the tools of the Internet provocateur

The main tool of the troll will always be the word. To solve the tasks, you must be able to express your thoughts on paper and with the help of oral speech. The second is useful to provoke someone offline, as well as get those who prefer to read videos on YouTube.

The problem is this: even if you write well, because of the information noise, not all recipients will read your messages. To become a really fat troll, you have to learn additional tools.

Some of them belong to the universal. Such tools will be useful in the preparation and implementation of content campaigns. The other part is specific to certain segments of the audience. Such tools are suitable only for attracting the attention of specific user groups, for example, moneymakers, copywriters or SEO managers.

Below are the tools included in the basic arsenal of a professional troll.


A real troll should know and use topical memes. What for? They act as a catalyst for Internet communications. Popular memes on the Web can be compared with appeals to scientific authorities, which were used to increase the authority of our ancestors.

Instead of mentioning a little-known scientist and his boring works to a real troll, it is enough to post a confused Travolta or DiCaprio with a bear and a figurine. And that's it - the audience already considers you to be theirs in the board. People understand that they speak the same language with you, so they consider you theirs. And the trolling objects turn into noobs, which, if necessary, do not kick a sin.

Needless to say that memes should not be abused? Surely you find a common language with the audience through other means. Remember that all the recommendations in this article - a simple banter.

Meme can be all: words, images, actions, ideas, works of art and their elements. A black-blue or white-gold dress, yazyk padonkaff and his individual phrases, a video of guys pouring water with the hashtag #IceBucketChallenge, looking around Travolta, taking the figurine DiCaprio from the bear and Karl, who has drunk the whimsy, are all examples of memes.

To keep abreast of current memes, it is enough at least from time to time to view news feeds on social networks. To use memes, you need to be able to screw in a suitable virus phrase in the text. Also you will need the skills of working with photo editors. To quickly make an image with a meme, you can use the designers, for example,, 101mem, Risovach and others.


Newsjacking - using current informational trends in content campaigns. We wrote about this tool in detail here and here.

To troll school children, it’s enough to follow the mainstream information. This will help to use well-known events to draw attention to speeches and publications. A good industry troll needs to know its business and information niche well.

A simple example: in order to play a gamer with high quality, you need to understand computer games yourself. If you yourself play, build, write code, then you know the pain points of the corresponding audience. To get a reaction, it remains to press them with the appropriate information.

Hence the main idea: to use newsjacking, the troll should be well versed in the selected topics and keep track of current events. By the way, newsjacking can be used for solving constructive tasks, and not for trolling.

Personal qualities

You can learn all the memes and master newsjacking thoroughly, but not become a good troll. This happens when a person does not have the necessary personal qualities. To take opponents out of themselves and admire like-minded people, you need to be like this:

  • Erudite. If you want to be a troll, you must at least read "Fifty Shades of Gray" and "The Da Vinci Code" and follow the publications in social networks. This is for schoolchildren. And professionals, as mentioned above, will have to thoroughly study selected topics for work.
  • Stress resistant. Do you think that a healthy pofigism will be needed to ignore the response attacks of opponents? No, they will not reach you via the Internet and will not even calculate it by IP. Stress tolerance is needed to ignore logical arguments and call white black to the bitter end.
  • Persistent. In order to get everyone pretty, you usually have to work for many days in a row, come in from different sides, write dozens of comments.
  • Merry. A good troll cannot do without a sense of humor.
  • Cynical. Just do not think that you need to laugh where everyone is crying. A good troll needs a healthy doctor cynicism.
  • Hypocritical. Without this in any way. To take people out of themselves, you need to be able to lie. And make it so that you can believe it yourself. For example, a troll should be able to handle statistics and research. You know that in 5 minutes with the help of Yandex you can find dozens of studies, the results of which contradict each other?
  • Prudent. This quality does not need psychopaths and daffodils, which trolls just like that. Calculation is needed by real manipulative maniacs who provoke for the cause: for the sake of attention to business, traffic, authority and so on. See, you have to troll so that no one realizes that you are a troll. Then you will receive both visitors and retain your reputation, and compete you to cry out your competitors.

Frankly, even the whole set of listed qualities does not guarantee that you will become a good troll. On the other hand, sometimes good provocateurs do not correspond to any of these characteristics. The specified personal qualities of a troll are a conditional portrait or mask. Use it if necessary to quickly turn on the modeled frostbiter. And remember, this is a comic recommendation.

How to troll opponents and audience

Born trolls are rare. Most provocateurs master trolling from the beginning and increase their skills gradually. To breed people into emotions, you need to consistently achieve three levels of skill, which are described below.

How beginner trolls work

Beginner troll skills are almost useless in business. These are obvious provocateurs who are quickly banned or added to ignore on more or less serious resources, for example, in gaming groups in social networks. But without the experience of rude trolling, it is almost impossible to become a good instigator, able to rekindle holivar in discussions for publications on thematic resources.

Beginner troll must master several techniques.

Insult Opponents

Do you think this technique works only on schoolchildren? This is not true. Many adult uncles and aunts blush, throw diaries and loudly bang on the keys in response to a simple "what are you, stupid" or "I will not talk with an idiot."

In order for sure to hurt your opponent, you need to follow a simple rule: in response to any arguments on the essence of the question, you must attack the person and business qualities of the interlocutor. For example, if they write to you that because of the purchased links, you can get sanctions, answer this way: “Are you a noob? I’ve been buying links all my life.”

To avoid a ban longer, do not use profanity. Keep swearing. This weapon can be used when you are about to be banned. Also, swearing comes in handy when the offended victim is ready to cry and leave the site where the communication takes place. Another precaution: do not immediately jump at the owners of the resource or moderators. So you will avoid a quick lock.

Cloning avatars

The troll should be able to quickly register fake accounts. With their help, two problems are solved: anonymity and continued communication in the case of a ban. By the way, it is convenient to troll competitors under an assumed name. Is there any benefit from this for your business? Hardly. But the process can be fun.

To register fake accounts, you will need as many email boxes as possible. Remember, moderators can see Email registered on the site users. Therefore, use to create avatars email addresses by which it is impossible to determine your real name.

Categorical idiocy

This is a very powerful technique. It helps to start controversies and re-ignite fading discussions. The approach is very simple: you need to say or write a cue, which does not exactly coincide with the opinion of the opponent and the audience. The more absurd your statement will be, the more people it will lead out of themselves. By the way, sometimes you can just post some trollface or use the magic spell like "ololo".

The secret to the success of tactics is the troll's ability to show that he is absolutely sure that he is right. No need to prove and explain. It infuriates people when someone stubbornly stands its ground, not paying attention to dozens of logical arguments.

Consider that you have mastered the first step of trolling, if you can drown out anyone in a virtual dispute, pour mud on it and get moral satisfaction from the process and the result.

What should be able experienced troll

Adult troll successfully uses their skills in business. This is a case when trolling draws attention to a product or business, and also discredits competitors and opponents. Here is a characteristic feature of a seasoned troll: everyone understands that you are provoking and kindling. But there is nothing formally to reproach you. You respect the standards of decency and obviously do not offend anyone.

Perhaps trolling - the lot of those who have nothing to attract the target audience? In this case, the trolls provoke powerlessness.

What tactics do experienced trolls use?

Reasoned dispute

An experienced provocateur likes to argue. With controversy, he gets the attention of the audience. The troll at the same time shows its competence and failure of the opponent. To master the skill of disputes, practice the following tricks:

  • Position yourself as an expert. Show that you dog ate in metal construction or SEO. Communicate with opponents as a teacher with many years of experience communicates with freshmen. Show that your partner is wrong. To do this, find where to find fault. In a pinch, a typo or punctuation error will do.
  • Use evidence. Refer to the research, publish screenshots, give suitable examples. To get the attention of the audience, you need to argue the opponent.
  • Leave the last word behind you. Unlike the newbie, the seasoned troll never gives up.
  • Call on the help of comrades, fans and students. They should zaplyusovat you and zaminusovat opponent.

By the way, if you are obviously mistaken in something, admit it. After all, even geniuses have the right to inaccuracy.

Healthy provocations

Experienced trolls are masters of provocations. They act subtly. Of course, attentive users understand that they are dealing with a provocateur, but still follow the link, register, enter into an argument, and distribute content in social networks.

You can provoke an audience and opponents with anything: headings, ideas, slogans, approaches to work, even a way of thinking. Your task is to get a response and make your competitors nervous.

Attack on authorities

This technique can be used only in one case: when you know that you are doing something better than a reputable company or person. Attack your opponent constructively. You are not a novice troll to shout that everyone is bad and you are good.

By the way, the safest way to attack the authorities who will not hear you. Do you work in internet marketing? Choose a target: Neil Patel, Philip Kotler, David Ogilvy. Say, for example, that Patel sells too aggressively, and Kotler’s marketing is hopelessly outdated. Be sure to offer your solution. You do need attention, not the emotions of Ogilvy defenders.

By the way, it is not necessary to attack the person. One can doubt the consistency of an approach or an entire industry. Examples are not necessary, right?

Invitation to speak

This tactic stimulates reactions. Decide for yourself how to convert them to business. To have your audience or opponents speak, ask questions. Pretend that you are interested in the opinion or experience of an ideological opponent. People love to talk about themselves, so you will definitely get a response. With it weaknesses of opponents can open.

By the way, this technique leveled the destructive criticism of the author of the guest post about selling texts. Critics got the opportunity to show themselves. Everything else can be seen from the survey results at the end of the article.

Consider yourself a troll tat if you manage to attract the attention of users and unbalance opponents, avoiding scandalous reputation.

What about the third level of skill? You can…

... become a troll level 80

To do this, do not need special equipment. Trolling a higher order begins when you change motives. You no longer need to unbalance opponents and provoke users for the sake of attention. At this level, you feed on the positive emotions of customers, partners and even competitors. Therefore, you try to give as much as possible: share information, experience, knowledge. You are happy to use the techniques of a professional troll, but do not assert yourself with their help. At this level, you are no longer a troll, but a noble elf.

Did you have to use trolling in business? How did you do it? How do you rate trolling in terms of ethics and morality? Tell us in the comments.

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