6 mistakes in medical copywriting, or how to improve the landing pages of the clinic site

Choosing a clinic through the Internet for treatment, a potential client plans to entrust her with the most important thing he has - health and even life. And the first thing he faces is the text on the pages of the site. It is very important that the text answers the visitor's questions and gives exhaustive information, not trying to push or cheat, because if the client has the slightest doubt, it is easier for him to close the page and go to where this doubt does not arise.

Private clinics open doctors. Marketing in them, most often, they are in charge. And very often the text on the pages of the clinic services is also written by doctors. No one knows better than practitioners about diseases and their treatment - it is a fact. But with the reporting of information to patients sometimes problems arise.

The following are the six major mistakes that are made on the services pages of medical clinics sites, and because of which doctors may lose or lose their clients.

The point of view expressed in the text concerns only landing pages (service pages). For informational articles, the approach may differ.

1. Use of clerk and medical terms

This is the main reason why the doctor should not write the text on the service pages. Doctors know how to treat. But they, as a rule, do not know how to sell their services. And very often they do not know how to write clearly.

Doctors think in their own, especially, medical language. This language is incomprehensible to the inhabitant. Moreover, he scares him and pushes him away.

A person comes to the site to understand why he needs to go to this particular clinic, and sees - "non-invasive procedure", "autoimmune diseases" and other incomprehensible terms. The doctor considers this to be normal - lawyers and doctors are caste-specific stationery, the language is hammered into the head throughout the entire course of study. For a potential client, however, such words are puzzling.

The text for the page selling the clinic service should be written so that the patient has no reason to go to Google or Wikipedia. Having gone to search for the meaning of the term, the potential client will stumble upon a page of competitors, in which everything is written accessible and understandable - and, most likely, will go to them.

Any medical term can be translated into common human language. And the text from this will definitely be better.

2. Blurry and abstract benefits

Block of benefits - perhaps the most important on the page. Properly highlighted benefits will attract attention and immediately tell the patient what is cool in this clinic. Most clinics ignore this block altogether. On the same sites where the benefits are described, it usually looks like this:

  • Highly qualified doctors with specialized education and extensive experience.
  • Modern professional equipment.
  • Absolutely painless procedure.

The site visitor immediately have questions. "Highly qualified - is this how? Candidates of science? Or maybe a doctor? And what, in the end, will it give me?"

"Modern professional equipment. And why? I need to solve the problem, quickly and painlessly, what is up to the equipment?"

Absolutely painless procedure - here at least a little about the client. But still there is no specifics. Let's try to add it.

Experienced doctors. Eighteen doctors work in our clinic. Six of them defended their doctoral degree, five - PhD. The rest are preparing material for the thesis. Doctors constantly improve their qualifications, studying with colleagues from France, Germany and Israel. The average experience of a doctor is 12 years of practice.

Not in the world of the client, but it became better. At least now it is clear what the qualification is. Go ahead.

Professional equipment. We use the iPen laser scanner, thanks to which we diagnose caries at the earliest, latent stage, we begin to treat the disease when it has not yet manifested itself, avoiding complications and guaranteed to save the tooth.

When the page says that the clinic uses modern equipment, a potential client does not accept this offer. He sees no use for himself, because he perceives the text as white noise. When it is described in detail how this equipment will help solve the client’s problem, he will remember and appreciate it.

Treatment without pain. There are two reasons for pain in dental treatment - poor anesthesia and damage to the living tissues of the tooth during work. We use an effective painkiller - heroin, codeine, hit with a mallet. Treatment of caries takes place under local anesthesia, which we select individually for each patient using the allergy test method. If you are afraid of injections, anesthetize the gums with a gel anesthetic before administering anesthesia. We use a medical microscope, thanks to which we do not touch living tissues during treatment.

This paragraph does not just promise pain-free treatment. He tells why the pain arises and what they do in the clinic to prevent this from happening. There are no abstract promises - but there is a description of the process and the solutions applied. Such a text forms trust and removes possible objections from the reader.

Even if the clinic does not have facilities and killerphics, it is enough to describe in detail the standard advantages in terms of customer benefits. And the service page will be better than most competitors.

3. Turning the landing page into the "Wikipedia" section

On the websites of even top clinics, clicking on the link, say, “gastritis treatment”, a potential patient stumbles upon a description of the disease, its causes and types. To find out how doctors will solve his problem, he will have to scroll through several screens. And even there he may not find useful information. It is not right.

When a patient is looking for a clinic, he already knows that he has a problem. He is not looking for a description of the problem - most likely, he himself can describe it no worse than any doctor. On the landing page should be a solution to the problem of the patient. Without preludes and prefaces. If this solution is presented better than that of competitors, that’s fine.

4. Turning the page into a “shop on the couch”

AIDA and other miraculous formulas work well for the sale of massage belts, vibration beds and foil hats, and are not at all suitable for selling medical services. When a sensible client reads a similar “selling” text, he has a thought in his subconscious: “Now they will be pushing something for me”. In this case, any advantages are perceived skeptically, the reader's confidence falls. "Pain, more pain" on the clinic page can cause the opposite effect to what was intended. People do not like being scared, and the reception “If you don’t contact us - you die” is not just ineffective - it scares customers away.

For sites of medical centers and clinics is appropriate, even, informative, expert presentation. After reading the text, a potential patient should find out what they will do and how to solve his problem, and not about what will happen to him if he does not go to the clinic. Conditional block "What will happen if not treated" can be used.

But not as basic information and without distortion.

5. Inconsistency of reality

One may write, what a cool clinic. As in it once or twice, with modern methods and completely painlessly treat any disease. What is the attentive staff and cozy atmosphere. But only if all this is true. If, instead of a clinic, a private medical office is found with one procedure, which is presented as a panacea for all illnesses, and the staff is incompetent and consists of a “nurse” with a diploma of cosmetic courses and a nurse, the effect will be exactly the opposite. Faced with reality, disappointed customers attracted by the text will overwhelm social networks and review sites with angry comments. They say that bad PR does not happen, but this is not the case.

6. Saving on content

"But let me!" - the owners of clinics can exclaim - "Our text was written by a copywriter! Qualified, with experience! So why are our procedures painless, the staff is highly qualified, and the equipment is modern and professional? What have we done wrong?".

Most likely, you used the services of a copywriter from the exchange, writing at 70 rubles per thousand characters. He did not ask questions, did not interview the doctors, did not ask to fill out the brief and the technical task. So it turned out that "in the era of office work and low mobility, the problem of protrusion of the vertebral discs is more urgent than ever." Very rarely, inexpensive authors really immerse themselves in the problem and carefully work through the material. Most exchange copywriters are machines for the production of millenia. They have no time to be interested in the principles of marketing, to study the info-style, to think and work through the material. They need 20,000 characters a day, preferably before lunch. Such author opens five-ten sites of clinics from TOP and rewrites their text in other words. He will not protect the text in front of the doctor - he is thinking about payment, and not about the result of the work. As a result, we have a text that is oversaturated with incomprehensible terms, with a lot of water, stamps and cliches. What they wanted to get rid of.

Well written hundreds of authors. Well written for medical sites - dozens. How to choose the author - a separate big topic. Most often, good authors are hired on the recommendation. Less often - although it happens - is found on freelancing sites. Make a detailed technical task, ask to write a test text and / or show a portfolio on your subject, analyze it for the above errors. If they are not there, this is already a good sign and you can try to cooperate with the author.


Good text for the clinic site is written in clear language, does not contain highly specialized terms and answers customer questions. Such text attracts clients, increases the number of calls to the clinic and free consultations, which are already directly converted into the sale of services.

Bad text discourages customers who go where they understand everything.

Trusting the doctors to write the text on the site, the owners of the clinics risk getting a page full of highly specialized terms, fuzzy advantages and not at all solving the problems of the potential client. Before you confuse the doctor with writing the text, make sure that he understood the problem. Having received the text - edit it so that it is understandable even to your six-year-old daughter. Highlight the advantages and tell about them "in the world of the client" - in the language of his problems and concerns. You can not do it yourself - hire an editor who will put the text in order or write it from scratch.

A good text will lead new clients to at least a free consultation. And there everything depends on how highly-qualified staff you really have, what advanced techniques you use for absolutely painless treatment, and how modern your professional equipment is.

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