Instagram Matrix: A Guide to Creating Advertising in a Business Account

Already 8 million companies in the world have got themselves business profiles on Instagram, ”writes Instagram for business. The number of active advertisers per month exceeded 1 million, and a year ago there were only 200 thousand.

And recently, the official Instagram blog announced the appearance in 2017 of a function that allows it to order the company's services directly through its profile. In anticipation of a miracle we will describe in detail the possibilities of a business profile on Instagram for creating advertising in a popular photo network.

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How to start managing ads in your Instagram?

Instagram Statistics Topics

Create Instagram Ads

Select the target action button

Determine the target audience

Customize the budget and period

Payment and Preview

Statistics of advertising publications in Instagram

Instagram Advertising: Inspiration Ideas

How to start managing ads in your Instagram?

Attention! If you do not have a business profile, then the service of advertising and statistics is not available to you.

Therefore, the very first step is to link your Instagram with a public Facebook page.

If you still do not know how to create a business account, you should start by reading the instructions for doing business in Instagram. Those of you who are already successfully using a business account know that they have access to account statistics.

To once again convince you of the need for a business account on Instagram, let’s go over the possibilities of the statistics section - our future advertising will be analyzed in it.

Instagram Statistics Topics

In the statistics, access to such sections as:

Impressions, coverage and profile views.

Top (top) publicationsthat can be filtered by the following indicators:

  • Involvement;
  • Impressions
  • Coverage;
  • Likes;
  • Comments;
  • Saving your posts with unique accounts.

By default, statistics show top publications for the last 7 days. It is possible to select a period of 30 days, 3, 6 months, or 1, 2 years for sorting posts.

To filter popular posts, click on the text highlighted in blue in the "Top publications".

You will see a table of three moving columns.

The left column allows you to select the format of the post: photo, video, ring gallery. In the middle - an indicator for the statistics of views, coverage, etc., right - to select the sorting period.

There is access to Instagram stories.

Considering that advertising is running in Stories, and live broadcasting is now available for saving, business account features help to use Stories with much greater efficiency.

Also available subscriber statistics in the last 7 days, in which you can see the activity of your subscribers by the hour.

In the "Subscribers" is available:

  • The total number of account subscribers;
  • Gender and age range;
  • Geography by cities and countries.

We need advertising section looks like that:

Create Instagram Ads

Starting to create advertising on Instagram, remember that you can only advertise already posted posts in your account.

You can also create an advertising post directly from the publication, to do this, click on the "Promote" button.

Select a publication to promote. Swipe right scroll to select a photo, video or gallery.

At the moment there is access to the latest 15 publications of your tape.

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Select the target action button

After selecting a post for promotion, you will need to decide on the type of action that will be available to the user who is interested in your advertising:

If you select "Visit your site", then you will see a window of the following form:

Now you can select the text of the future action button from the list:

In other cases, target action buttons are assigned automatically. Because in a business account it is possible to specify the phone, site and location of your organization. The advertising settings service uses the data you provide for the buttons.

To change the way of communication, go to "Options" - "Edit Profile" and change the information about the company.

By the way, the data type "Company" cannot be changed to Instagram: this category is taken automatically from your public Facebook page.

Determine the target audience

Select the automatic setting if you are not sure that you can correctly identify a group of people to display advertising.
Or create your own audience.

Set up geolocation of the advertising campaign ("Places" on Instagram) using geodata, or enter information manually.

Select user interests.

All these interests are taken from Facebook user profiles that are related to Instagram. Photo gallery users dissatisfied with ads believe that if you don’t link your Instagram page with your Facebook profile, you’ll get rid of ads. I did not find official confirmation of this fact, write in the comments, if anyone knows?

Now you can specify age restrictions and gender.

If you need to remove the "Audience", click on this icon:

It remains to confirm the deletion. If this audience is used to display ads, then it will be stopped.

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Customize the budget and period

Budget settings determine the reach of users. The minimum daily budget for advertising on Instagram is 20 rubles per day.

I do not know what to associate with the phenomenon (development bug?), But sometimes prices appear in dollars.

Duration of impressions - you can specify from 1 to 100 days:

Full control and automatic calculations, the service is great for beginners.

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Payment and Preview

If you’re done with the settings, click “Next” to continue.
You can view a preview of your future advertising post.

Add a new payment method. You can change the payment method for advertising on Instagram in the profile settings.

After that you will see a message from the system about the preliminary moderation of your advertisement:

If approved, you will be notified:

So, advertising is ready. And now we will learn how to view statistics of advertising posts on Instagram.

Statistics of advertising publications in Instagram

Information on all launched promotions can be seen by clicking on "More" in the statistics section or on "Promotions: recent actions with your advertisement".

You will see a list of all active advertising publications with an indication of their validity period:

You will open the promotional post itself, and its status will be indicated: under consideration, it is currently moving or completed.

In Instagram statistics you have access to:

  • Number of impressions
  • The number of clicks;
  • Costs from allocated budget;
  • The number of days left to complete (if the publication is active).

Click on the certificate and clarify what is meant:

Do not confuse the button "View promotion" and "View statistics"! Promotion is an assessment of the indicators of a publication as a promotional post, and statistics are data on the overall coverage and involvement of the publication as an ordinary post.

You can see that the data on the impressions of the publication, which has become an ad, does not overlap.

Instagram Advertising: Inspiration Ideas

I think everyone understands that the laws that are used to create targeted advertisements can be successfully applied on Instagram. Because of the format of the photo network, your ad will have to compete in the tape with other colorful posts of ordinary users, so it will not hurt to be inspired to create masterpieces. You do not want your ad to be lazily flipped through?

  1. On the official Instagram website read success stories legendary and not so brands. The list of stories is small, but we are waiting for new examples to follow.

You can offer your success story on Instagram by filling out a special form and get on this list of cases!

  1. Sure to shoot a video.

Not so long ago, YouTube launched a new six-second video ad format specifically designed for mobile devices. It is necessary to follow this example. 5 clips from Walter Thompson, Wieden & Kennedy, Deutsch, etc .:

Laen Sanches: screen version of the cult book "Moby Dick".

Zeke O'Donnell: video based on the work of "Jane Eyre".

J. Walter Thompson: the film adaptation of the book "Romeo and Juliet".

Dré Labre: an advertisement for the novel by Dr. Moreau, by G. J. Wells.

J. Walter Thompson: "The Origin of Species."

  1. Try run Instagram ad teasers before an important event or product launch. Intrigue and surprise, people love riddles.
  2. Run a poll in an Instagram advertising campaignto learn about your audience even more and attract attention.
  3. With advertising announce a contest or flash mob, open voting, place QR codes of discount coupons, - the viral effect will be much greater than from direct sales to the forehead.
  4. Create, analyze, test, improve advertising- Instagram users are very loyal to brand advertising.

We looked at another advertising room for targeted advertising, this time on Instagram. You can say - nothing new. However, the extreme simplicity and ease of management makes the built-in Instagram advertising office a powerful and effective analytics tool.

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