"Deadly" landing pages: three examples of effective landing pages

You must have come up with the creation and optimization of landing pages, while promoting online projects. The development of high-quality landing refers to the critical components of marketing campaigns. This material will acquaint you with three examples of steep landing pages, and also show you the components of their success. But first things first.

Landing pages: definition, performance criteria

A landing page is a landing page that involves visitors from your search engines, advertisements and other traffic sources to the conversion script. Sometimes experts call these pages Landings. landing page).

Effective landing pages meet the following criteria:

  • The presence of an underlined call or invitation of the visitor to action. A good landing clearly encourages a potential client to perform a single action, for example, to subscribe to a newsletter or to register on the site.
  • Correspondence of the information on the landing page to the promise given to the visitor outside your site. For example, if a search engine snippet or ad text informs the client about the possibility to subscribe to free video tutorials, the landing page should provide him with such an opportunity.
  • Simplicity of design and non-overload information. Having landed on the page, a potential client should not be distracted from the conversion action by ruffles in the header of the site or by long discourses on the quality of the product.
  • Proper use of photos. Pictures improve the visual perception of Landing. But follow the measure - you do not want the client to forget to add the product to the basket, immersed in the study of the photo.
  • Using the power of brands. Images of a bitten apple or green droid will add to your site visitors confidence in the quality of the product.
  • The ability to quickly share information on social networks. Always add Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte and other network resources to the landing pages.
  • Continuous improvement. A good landing is never static. We, for example, permanently test landing pages, modify them according to user behavior, refine and improve.
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Three examples of "killer" landing pages

There are no perfect landing pages, since static is one of the enemies of a good landing. However, the examples below are very close to the ideal. Consider them in more detail.

Landing Page Content Rules Company

The American content developer Content Rules has created an effective landing page for distributing his e-book.

What Content Rules did right:

  • Design

Landing looks nice and simple. The headline draws the visitor's attention to the conversion action (Download the book for free right now - this is an approximate translation of the headline).

  • The photo

The only photo on the landing page is a preview of the e-book cover. This photo attracts the attention of the visitor and clearly demonstrates the product to him, but does not distract from the execution of the necessary action.

  • Brand power

Content Rules logo enhances visitor confidence in product quality.

What can be improved:

  • Headline

By testing various landing page options, Content Rules could improve headline. Perhaps a headline that emphasizes the benefits of the product and awakens the visitor’s interest will be more effective than a direct call to action.

  • Social sharing

Buttons of popular social networks will increase the effectiveness of the Content Rules landing page.

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Landing company real estate ALM Real Estate Media Group

This company is one of the leading US providers of commercial real estate news. ALM uses a landing page to attract newsletter subscribers.

What ALM did right:

  • The ability to register through Facebook

It significantly increases the effectiveness of the landing page, as users can subscribe to the newsletter within a few seconds.

What can be improved:

  • Content

This landing page contains too much text that distracts visitors from the registration form.

  • Design

ALM specialists should test the variants of the same landing page with a simplified design. Reducing the number of information blocks and the rejection of a large number of colors - these are the ways to quickly improve the appearance of the page.

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Landing Windows Intune

Microsoft uses the landing page to distribute a 30-day trial of the Windows Intune cloud service.

What Microsoft did right:

  • Feedback

Consumer reviews increase audience confidence in the product. This primarily concerns reviews received from the leaders of well-known companies.

  • Clear call to action and focus on product benefits

The text on the landing page briefly describes the service and its benefits. Note that the landing page does not look overloaded.

  • Brand power

The use of the Windows logo increases the audience’s trust in the product.

What can be improved:

  • Call to action

By clicking on the link, the consumer enters the registration page. Microsoft experts should consider placing the appropriate form directly on the landing page.


So, you got acquainted with three examples of good landings. Please note, each of them can be even better after testing and optimization. Using the experience of Content Rules, ALM and Microsoft, you will definitely create several masterpiece landing pages. Just be sure to tell about it in the comments!

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