How to adapt the marketing strategy to new trends in the mobile Internet

This year will be marked by mobile traffic. Stop, so talked about the past and before last years. Damn it, even 2012 was mobile. The upward trend in the share of mobile traffic is not new. The news is that a steady trend has emerged within this trend: owners of smartphones and tablets increasingly prefer to use the mobile Internet using applications rather than mobile browsers. How will this affect your marketing strategy?

What you need to know about mobile marketing in 2015

According to the Kokoc Group, in mid-2014, the share of mobile traffic in Russia exceeded 20%. In some regions, this figure is even higher. For example, in Moscow, almost every fourth transition to the site is done using smartphones or tablet PCs. Over the past year, the share of mobile traffic to the Texterra corporate website has grown by more than 3% and amounted to 17.03%.

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Mobile Internet migrates towards apps

According to American marketers, the mobile Internet is migrating from browsers to applications. In particular, the agency Flurry Analytics reports an impressive 76% growth in the use of mobile applications over the past year. The average American user of a tablet or smartphone installed 8.8 applications per month.

According to the statistical portal Statista, the volume of the mobile applications market in 2017 will amount to 76.5 billion US dollars. In 2014, this figure was approximately $ 35 billion. The retailer Target claims that in 2014, 32% of mobile users visited the company's website using a browser, and 68% used the application.

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How to use mobile applications residents of different regions

Russian owners of smartphones and tablets are actively using mobile applications. According to WapStart, 82% of gadget owners have installed more than five applications. More than half of respondents use applications more than an hour a day, and 17% of users spend more than three hours on this. It is worth emphasizing that only 15% of Russians install paid applications.

Last year, developers from Japan, South Korea and the USA earned the most by selling mobile applications. Developers from Brazil, Russia, India and China can boast a 40% increase in the number of downloads of applications, as well as an increase in revenues from the sale of paid installations 2.3 times.

According to AppAnnie, over the past year, users downloaded 60% more apps from Google Play compared to 2013 on a global scale. And the AppStore achieved revenue growth of 70%. The company comScore claims that Facebook and Google own the top 5 popular applications for smartphones: Facebook, Google Play, Google Search, YouTube and Facebook Messenger.

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How to use the key factors of mobile marketing in practice

As noted above, the use of mobile applications over the past year increased by 76%. In terms of topics, applications for online shopping (174%), social networks (103%), health monitoring applications (89%), news readers (49%) showed the highest growth.

To take into account current trends in mobile marketing and use key factors affecting the market, use the following recommendations:

1. Allow customers to buy using the app

This applies to all businessmen who sell something on the Web: owners of online stores, web services, financial institutions, etc. In the US, 39% of mobile users use applications to make purchases. In Russia, this figure is lower, but this is a global trend, for which it is necessary to prepare.

Please note that owners of smartphones and tablets are less likely to use showrooming applications. They compare prices in online stores and retail outlets offline using mobile browsers. And if a person installs a mobile application, consider that a regular customer is in your pocket.

2. Sell on social networks

Yes, social networks are not the most effective sales channel. However, the growing popularity of mobile applications is changing this situation. It’s said above that owners of smartphones and tablets from the USA spend 10% of their time on the web to surf in the Facebook application. Add to this indicator the time users spend on Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and local networks.

Use the following guidelines:

  • Advertise on Pinterest and Instagram. Sellers of clothing, jewelry, decor items and some other product categories just post a photo, use the appropriate hashtags and leave a phone number in the signature. Quality leads you provided.
  • Create a section for products in your groups or public pages on Facebook, Vkontakte and Google+. Post a product photo and a link to the checkout page.
  • Make content attractive to social network users. We are talking about the visual design of posts, as well as the use of special features, for example, the publication of a short video on Instagram.

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3. Find your application maniacs segment

Every fifth American owner of smartphones and tablets is included in the category of "application maniacs." These people install more than 17 new programs per month. More than half of them are girls and women aged 13 to 54 years.

Create a consumer person corresponding to the application maniacs segment of your target audience. Take into account the interests of the person when developing and distributing a mobile shopping program.

4. Stimulate application installation

Users do not install new programs on smartphones and tablets just like that. They should receive an incentive: see the benefits, assess the popularity, be interested in the functionality and design of the application. To stimulate the installation, use the following recommendations:

  • Advertise app.
  • Tell about the program to subscribers in social networks.
  • Post a link to the application on the site.
  • Offer installation of the program to mobile users.
  • Offer preferential terms of service to users who have installed the application.

Mobile version of the site and responsive layout may not be enough

Mobile version of the site or adaptive layout is the minimum necessary to get traffic. And if you want to successfully sell through mobile channels, start developing the application. Also provide users the opportunity to buy products in your groups and public in social networks. By the way, Texterra experts are ready to advise you on the creation of a mobile version of sites and adaptive layout.

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