How to make a cool Landing: 13 nonbanal ideas

We have already made a selection of cool landing pages for inspiration. This article is a kind of its sequel. All landings in this selection are distinguished by unbanal design solutions and ways of presenting information. They cannot be called unique - every day designers of different caliber give out hundreds of new landings, and somewhere these solutions have already been met. More suitable word "nezataskannye." Mix several ideas in one landing page - and your work will stand out against the competition.

Text and visual lifehacks

Contact customer directly

This is not about the banal "Hello, we are company X and we have been working on the market since a bearded year." It's boring and no one catches. But the guy from Solnechnogorsk, Moscow Region, made a successful offer and brought the contact information to the top of the landing page. No abstruse phrases and trump years of experience. A person addresses readers in the same way he would communicate with them "live".

Beat the name of the product or service in the landing text

How did the guys from the construction company "Meriton". New residential complex itself tells about itself to potential customers. Creative presentation immediately catches, and the brand name is repeated from screen to screen and will accurately be deposited in memory after the page closes.

You can beat almost any brand name, even abbreviations and abbreviations, if the copywriter is a pro. We advise to work only with such - professionalism is always converted into profit.

Embed symbolism and references

Landing is the "face" of a product or service on the Internet. Associations with stable and familiar symbols (historical, sociocultural, etc.) will make this face recognizable. Eva Katz used the aesthetics of Soviet banners in the promotion of the personal production school: large white letters on a red background, printed font.

Sensual flow of information on the verge of a foul

In real life, almost no one speaks Turgenev's language. Obscene words, if you use them in place and metered, enrich the speech and give it a zest. Nothing prevents to use this technique in texts for landing pages. In our example, the common name of the fifth point fits perfectly into the promotional offer. Filing also rips templates - the first screens are beating at the client’s pains with a powerful uppercut.

Submit information in a quest format

99% of landing pages start from the offer. The tour operator Grand Tour went the other way - he did not disclose the benefits to the client in the first screen, but involved the visitors in a mini-quest, where with each scroll a new information about the service opens. On the main page of the Grand Tour, designed as a landing page, several successful lotions to capture attention are implemented at once. Here and pop-up text, and interactive animation, and sound effects.

Play with fonts

Apple's landing pages can be inspired endlessly. In the landing presentation of the next iPad, the creators highlighted the advantages of the model in handwritten fonts. There is little text, even lazy people will read it.

Come up with a creative footer

The whole landing of Kotofabrika is replete with creativity, but their footer is just fire. The guys miserably prostrated over the stereotypical blocks of guarantees (in fact, who reads those small texts?) And made a convincing proposal.

Engage humor

First of all, the visitor’s view clings to graphic elements, not text. Therefore, if you use funny graphic content - this is half the success. The user will scroll the landing page to the end in order to view the pictures. Combine funny content with dynamic, not boring text - and a good conversion will not take long. Do consultant bureau "Dull Finance" and landings are not boring thanks to the mini-comics in a recognizable style.

Technical lifehacks

Scroll animation

The creators of the iPhone X Landing Presentation used Canvas technology, which allows you to draw directly on the page. There are no ready-made plug-ins for it, all this beauty is realized through JavaScript.

Video in popup window

Videos without autoplay do not always fit nicely into the landing page design. Therefore, the creators of the landing page for the Evernote service hid the videos in the pictures. You can do this with any plugin to create modal windows into which the video is embedded. For example, LightBox or Easy Modal.

Landing-integrated invoices

Web service management accounting "Finolog" offers a convenient and concise invoice for payment, with the filling of which will deal with any. You can do this with any good plugin for creating forms: Contact Form 7, JS Forms or via the JBCallme online service.

Preloader (animation when loading landing page)

A prime example of such a solution is the landing page of the Piratecode company. Animation at startup is implemented through JavaScript or through the Preloader plugin.

Visual product designer in a landing page

The famous guitar maker Halo introduced the product designer into the landing page. A visitor can assemble his guitar right on the landing page. Made with self-written program code. Difficult work, but the result is very good.

So, in the end:

  • Do not be afraid to be creative. Landing is not a heart operation, it can always be corrected. Try different options, evaluate the conversion by A / B testing.
  • Be inspired by competitor ideas. Inspired ≠ plagiarism. Any idea can be reworked, improved and supplemented.
  • Get to know the features of different plugins and enable them to work.

Finally, we recall that we work cool designers, layout designers and copywriters. If you need a landing with a twinkle - contact us, we will do it!

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