How to understand that knowledge in Internet marketing is outdated: 7 signs

If you thought that in Internet marketing it is enough to get an education once and not to study any more, then you are clearly mistaken with the profession. Here your knowledge becomes obsolete faster than the new iPhone. What was relevant two years ago is no longer working today. These seven signs will help test the relevance of knowledge in digital marketing.

Not familiar with new technologies

You do not know anything about Agile Email, Facebook lead-forms and Instagram Instagram filters. Buying links for SEO, cold calls and good old contextual advertising - your must-have in promotion.

If you do not use modern tools and promotion channels, lose a significant part of coverage. Your audience has been watching YouTube for a long time and is reading channels in Telegram, and not only uses a search engine. This means that your competitors attract the maximum of potential customers from new channels, as long as you cover only part of the traffic.

By using innovation in your marketing, you surprise your audience by creating a wow effect. For example, Dodo Pizza was one of the first to use branded VR filters on Instagram, which attracted media attention and 8,000 new subscribers in 14 days. Choose unprecedented ways to promote - it is much easier and cheaper to attract attention due to low competition and unusualness.

Proven technology can become obsolete and lose efficiency. If in the 2000th to buy links for promotion and write a re-optimized text was effective, now for such methods it is possible to get under the ban of “Yandex”.

To always be aware of the emergence of new formats, channels and technologies, take courses and attend seminars on Internet marketing and related areas. In this case, the main thing is to find teachers with great practical experience in the profession and didactics being taught.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, sign up for courses Teachline. They are taught by our best specialists. And students are working on real projects, in the end receiving a diploma and a letter of recommendation.

Open enrollment for courses:

  • SMM specialist.
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Also get useful knowledge in marketing will help thematic blogs and portals, for example, the blog "Texterra". Our authors are practicing experts. If they write about updating the algorithms of Yandex, they tell how it affects business. If about a new advertising format in Facebook - they themselves test and share the results. But in order for new knowledge gained from the blog to be useful, put it into practice.

What to read about modern advertising formats and channels:

Predict, not test

You carefully plan every detail of the project, delaying the launch for weeks or even months. At this time, you edit, interrogate friends, ask the performers to do several iterations for comparison and again edit ... This continues until you find and finish the best option that you, your colleagues, friends and relatives will like.

Twenty years ago it was effective when advertising space was much more expensive than the time of specialists and agencies. Now it is much cheaper to quickly put forward and test hypotheses than to spend time creating an ideal, in your opinion, project.

What to read about how to properly test:

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  • Top Tips for A / B Testing Landings.
  • 62 variables for A / B testing.

Do not fumble for trends

You think that in social networks only short posts are still working, while long-rades are gaining popularity. We are sure that the selling text is the main engine of the business, while the native materials read more. You think that only videos can be uploaded to YouTube, although text posts are increasingly being posted on it.

From the knowledge of trends in Internet marketing depends on the effectiveness of your advertising activities. Knowing what is interesting to people now, you reduce the cost of testing obviously non-performing approaches and hypotheses. Therefore, keep an eye on trends: read resources on IM, monitor platforms for trends and innovations and see what your competitors are doing, especially Western ones.

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  • Development trends of targeted advertising.

Do not know modern tools

We have heard nothing about services for monitoring sites and audiences, for example, Google Trends, Word Matching from Yandex, Querystat, Publer. Replace them with expensive surveys, research purchases and focus groups, or in the worst case, rely on chance.

Modern tools reduce the budget and time to get the necessary information. They help to better recognize your audience, analyze websites and advertisements of competitors. Appear for new formats and channels. For example, with the development of advertising story on Instagram, Adlover appeared to monitor them. With the proliferation of channels in the Telegram came up Telemetr for the analysis of posts.

What to read about what services are and what they are useful for:

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  • How to track traffic sources: the necessary tools for effective marketing.

Outdated perceptions of user behavior

Over time, there are not only new services and technologies, but also models of audience behavior. For example, people read text sheets, since there was not enough material on the Internet on the topic of interest. With the advent of a huge number of sites and articles, users began to scan sites for the necessary information, running their eyes along the F-shaped trajectory. The vast majority used to be on the network from desktops, but now more than half of users use phones for this. Knowing how people behave, you will create more useful and effective products. Write articles with subtitles, illustrations and without water, if you want to be read. Adapt sites for mobile versions to reduce the percentage of failures.

To keep abreast of the latest changes, follow the research, reports with statistics and surveys. They can be conducted and posted by marketing and research agencies (Nielsen Norman Group, comScore), as well as large companies like Google or Mail. Books on perception, brain work and consumer behavior, as well as tools for tracking user behavior on websites, such as Yandex.Metrica, will help.

What to read about the behavior of the audience:

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  • 35 books about the brain and psychology, which will help to understand themselves and customers.
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  • "Webvisor" in Yandex.Metrica - how to set up and what to look for to improve conversion.

Trying to figure everything out yourself

It is said that a talented person is talented in everything. Therefore, you prefer to do everything yourself: you will impose a site on a constructor, write a blog article, and draw a logo if necessary. And if the decisions of the specialists are not clear, ask to remake as you see fit.

When knowledge in Internet marketing was limited, the same person programmed, made the site design and wrote text for it. Now, in order to only maintain a page in Instagram, you will need at least a content strategist, a copywriter, a designer, a targeter and a manager. As the number of tools, channels and technologies increased, it became unreal to understand everything. Experts began to delve into different directions and come together to work together.

Therefore, a modern marketer is not one who thoroughly understands all areas, but one who is able to competently delegate work, write TK and briefs, analyze results, find company’s marketing problems, knows modern promotion channels and, most importantly, does not prevent performers from doing their job well .

What to read about the skills of a good internet marketer:

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  • What should be the perfect marketer in the digital age.

You think that only schoolchildren are sitting in social networks

Perhaps the vast majority of schoolchildren used to sit there, but the millennials have already grown up long ago, and the older generation has mastered new technologies much better. Now only in VKontakte 23 million people over 35 are registered. Social networks have become part of the lives of people of any age group and status. Ignoring the presence in social networks, you ignore the platform for communication with your audience.

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Learning is light

If you do not update your knowledge in Internet marketing, they will quickly become obsolete. And the methods that worked before, will no longer bring new customers. Therefore, read the profile blogs, take courses, follow the trends and the latest research to always be effective in the profession.

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