Image creation case for AkzoNobel

Everyone knows Texterro as a company that can write expert texts, but few know that we can create high-quality videos. In this article I will tell how we do it on the example of one of our latest works.

About company: AkzoNobel is the world's largest manufacturer of paints and coatings, with more than 600 offices worldwide. The company's headquarters is located in the Netherlands.

Service: Creating an image video for viewing within the corporate network.

Task: Representatives of AkzoNobel Lakokraska LLC (Orekhovo-Zuyevo) asked us to create a video for their 10th anniversary. On the day of the anniversary, the walnut-Zuya branch was to be visited by their colleagues from the Netherlands. It was necessary to make a good impression on them, to show the production, the employees, the building, during the painting of which AkzoNobel products were used, to focus on the company's values.

Draw your attention: We attributed this video format to the image, because it evokes an emotional response and contributes to strengthening the status of the company, but it is not designed for potential customers. This video was created for private viewing by company employees.

As part of this task, we made three videos:

  • one - in Russian,
  • the second is in English
  • the third is in English with subtitles.

AkzoNobel company presentation in Russian

AkzoNobel company presentation in English


Stages of work on the video

All stages of work were carried out in close cooperation with the customer. We tried to take into account all his preferences and wishes. As a result, after discussing the project, the course of the forthcoming works was determined:

1. Preparatory stage

  • script writing;
  • storyboard

2. Filming

3. Installation

  • installation;
  • sound reduction;
  • color correction;
  • stabilization;
  • motion design;
  • sound design.

Now in more detail about each stage.

1. Preparatory stage

The script was written with the participation of a representative of the AkzoNobel walnut branch. Each frame was previously agreed upon and agreed upon prior to the start of work. For example, the final survey of tulips was proposed by the customer, since these flowers are a symbol of the Netherlands.

2. Shooting process

The following equipment was used for the survey:

  • Camcorder - Sony Alpha ILCE-7S;
  • tripod - Manfrotto MVM500A;
  • lighting equipment - Aputure LED-panels;
  • sound equipment - Sennheiser buttonholes;
  • lenses: SIGMA AF 35 mm f / 1.4, Canon EF 24-70mm 1: 2.8L, Canon EF 70-200 mm;
  • aerial photography - DJI Phantom 4 PRO.

One of the main tasks that we were faced with was to show the buildings, for the lining of which AkzoNobel paint was used. And it was possible to solve this problem only with the help of a quadrocopter.

Part of the filming took place on the territory of the walnut-Zuya branch, but thanks to the internal corporate policy of AkzoNobel, the filming turned out to be “expanded”.

The shooting was carried out in the following cities:

  • Korolev (Plant of glued structures "Stroykonstruktsiya");
  • St. Petersburg (Ariston Plant);
  • Moscow ("Moscow City", "Discovery Arena");
  • Vyksa (Vyksa Metallurgical Plant).

At all these sites, AkzoNobel paint was used.

3. Installation

Before work on the video needed to pick up a musical composition. According to the preferences of the customer, the music track should not distract from the video sequence and the voice acting in two different languages, but harmoniously complement it.

Our team contacted the composer-arranger, who provided a ready-made solution in the form of the author's composition and a set of sounds. The composer chose to choose epic music with a minor tinge, since such compositions emphasize the scale.

After the main work on mixing the sound track, the track was mastered: the sound effects were adjusted to the level of the musical composition and the voices of the announcers, in order not to interrupt the speech, and in some moments - to emphasize.

In general, the team of directors of editing included the following: stages of work:

  • installation;
  • sound reduction;
  • color correction;
  • stabilization;
  • motion design;
  • sound design.

Used software:

  • Sony Vegas Pro 13.0;
  • Adobe After Effects CS6;
  • Adobe Illustrator CC2015;
  • DaVinci Resolve 12.5;
  • Sound Forge Pro 10.0;
  • Magix Music Maker 19 Premium;
  • FL Studio 10.


As a result of all the work done, a high-quality video was created. The customer was satisfied with the result, thanked for the work and noted that "everyone appreciated our joint work with dignity".


Despite the fact that we called this video an image one, it is not 100% true, since it was shown only to company employees. As a rule, image videos are designed for potential customers and are shot in a slightly different scenario. Plus, they have a much wider range of uses. They can:

  • publish on the website, landing page, YouTube channel, in social networks and other online sites,
  • used in presentations at meetings with partners or customers, at conferences, exhibitions,
  • twist at the reception or on the screens of shopping centers.

Such videos create a positive image of the company and contribute to increased sales.

If you need to create an image video for your company, please contact. Fill out the form below and we will call you back within 10 minutes (if the application is left during business hours).

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