Copywriter - who is it?

Do you know why in 10 years good copywriters will receive huge fees? For two reasons.

First: everyone will have to engage in content marketing in the conditions of information noise, the amount of which will be beyond the limit, and the only consequence will be that the audience will ignore the content of average quality as it ignores television advertising today. This content will be equated to information noise. Only exceptional texts will work, which can only be created by copywriters who put super-correct words in super-correct order.

Second, there will still be few such copywriters, and the need for them will only grow.

A copywriter is an ordinary person with an unusual ability to work. There is a rule of 10,000 hours, which says: to become a professional in some business, you need to devote to him exactly that number of hours of your life. Naturally, if you have the potential in this direction (the soul lies, to put it differently), your chances of success increase.

Who is a copywriter? How come to this profession? What are the tasks of a copywriter? Can I become a pro in this area? What is needed for this? - it is more correct to address all these questions to the copywriters themselves - no one is better than people who are immersed in a situation that will not answer them. We just asked our copiers to share their stories, which we suggest you read:

Olga Barunova

In principle, I knew from my childhood that my profession would somehow be connected with writing texts. She began as a journalist of a municipal newspaper, subsequently worked on one of the cable channels as a news editor and broadcaster, and in parallel was the editor-in-chief of another municipal newspaper. But the moment came when I realized that all this does not make sense. The target audience of print publications began to spill over to the Internet, topics that I had to write on were not interesting for me. So I ended up in a company that was engaged in interior design and needed content-maintenance of the site. My superiors liked my work, and soon, at their request, I began writing for third-party companies. And then I ended up at Texterra, whose position - to write texts for people, not for search engines - I immediately liked. Perhaps this is exactly what I would like to do.

Our profession is an excellent training of the brain and fine motor skills :) Seriously, I like that within the framework of a given topic you have enough freedom, an opportunity to look at the topic from different sides. And the skill of quick immersion in any topic to the expert level is very useful in life: choose a camera, give first aid to the victim, make repairs in the house ...

Perhaps the only difficulty is to find an approach to routine work. When you have to write several texts on the same topic (for example, when filling in product cards), it is important not to allow “stamps” and to keep originality in each of them.

When writing any, including advertising text, the most important thing is to remain honest and objective, not to write about the benefits that are not present, not to create the illusion that there are no flaws. And, of course, there should not be a single unverified fact in the articles.

I hope that in 10 years, meaningless texts written "under the keys" will finally disappear from the market. And I would very much like to believe that the level of literacy on the Internet will grow: when you see a text with ashipka on a website that seems to be a solid company, it is terribly annoying.

Dmitry Dementiy

He loved to write essays at school. He wrote materials for corporate newspapers and local media when he worked in the financial sector. In 2009, I realized that copywriting is an opportunity to make my profession a job that I really like. I believe that I help people get the information they need, which means I am doing a good job.

The need to work with technical topics was the biggest challenge for me. I am a humanist, so I was afraid of mistakes when I made materials, for example, about pipe fittings. I understood that the more time I spend on studying topics, the better is the text. The main secret is to look at the material through the eyes of the reader in the process of working on it. It helps to make an article just for the audience.

If we talk about expectations ... Personally, I expect the appearance of convenient and inexpensive devices for voice input. While working, I usually go around the room thinking about the material. It's awkward to get up and sit down all the time :)

Daria Ivanyushkina

Once I received a crust about higher philological education and the official specialty "teacher of the Russian language." And I immediately realized that teaching was not for me. I went to advertising, worked in journalism, was a full-time copywriter. When I got ready for maternity leave, the employer offered me to work at home. And I never returned to the office.

For me, working with the word is what the soul is for. This is interesting, it sets new tasks and allows you to improve, solving them.

A copywriter is himself a performer, an advertising agent, and a sales department. I had to learn something, do something through "I do not want."

Tatyana Zhelezko

Starting my way into copywriting about three years ago, I could not even think that this occupation would be for me the main one, since the initial task was to earn some money. I quickly realized that this profession, like any other, requires a serious approach, so I went through several training courses and trainings that, apart from knowledge, gave me confidence. Since then, I can’t imagine my life without copywriting, which for a long time I haven’t been associated only with earnings: new knowledge, new discoveries, constant movement forward - this is what attracts the most!

Valeria Tikhomirova

A copywriter has to be a jack of all trades, or rather, on the whole head. Texts on various topics require relevant knowledge, and sometimes you need to dive into a narrowly focused, complex topic. But this is a huge plus at the same time - a copywriter is constantly improving.

This lesson provides space for the creative soul. Therefore, if you like to create something new, and hundreds of ideas are constantly being born in your head, perhaps the profession of a copywriter will become your vocation.

Oksana Sheptukha

We must try to write for people, because the simpler the text is for perception, the more effort must be made to write it. The reward is a feeling of pleasure from a job well done!

What will be tomorrow

Now the main customers of copywriting services are commercial organizations. Writing texts is carried out taking into account the requirements described in the technical specifications, in which the client gives information about how he wants to see the content. Today, the material is accepted if the customer is satisfied. Tomorrow the customer’s opinion will play a significant role, but the real facts important for marketing will be much more important: the number of natural links to the page, audience comments, whether the text of the clients is converted. There will come an understanding that content marketing is not a general feeling, success can be measured in numbers. It does not matter what the client thinks about the text, it is important whether the text works. Create such content can only superprofi. Viktor Ignatiev, one of our copywriters, suggested that in 10 years the market will be fiercely competitive, in which extremely competent copywriters with extensive marketing and advertising knowledge will survive. Sure, it will be so.

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