Overview of ways to transfer money from WebMoney to the card

WebMoney Transfer began to scold since the late nineties, when the system appeared in Russia and the CIS. For years, users have complained about the complexity and confusion, they say, go and figure it out with these "keeper", WMID and certificates (and God forbid to lose the file with the keys, then the real quest begins).

Alex Exler, the author of computer textbooks and humorous books, eloquently described in his blog the experience of working with WebMoney: "In my eyes, this system was becoming more monstrous, more and more uncomfortable and more and more idiotic. idiocy, that now you don’t really send money anywhere - the system lives its own life, and it dictates to you what and how you should do with your money. "

Since the angry publication of Alexei Borisovich, more than six years have passed, and the situation with WebMoney has only worsened. For example, in the spring of 2016, WMR output stopped working:

  • on the map "Corn" from "Euroset";
  • Bank transaction;
  • on Visa and Mastercard cards attached to the "WebMoney" wallets.

Before the “transition to a new legal model,” I clarified the details of the Sberbank card and quietly withdrew money through banking.guarantee.ru. It took three days to replenish the account if the transfer was made on Friday evening, but the commission was minimal (15 rubles + 0.8% standard).

After the new requirements of the Central Bank, I was confused, but there was no choice - the employer paid for copywriting only with WM title characters.

Exchangers: familiar, but expensive

When I ran into difficulties when withdrawing via WMR Banking WebMoney, I didn’t begin to figure it out for a long time - I decided to turn to online exchange services. To find a profitable exchange rate and a verified exchange point, I used the service bestchange.ru.

Bestchange collects data from three hundred exchange points, organizes it and provides it to a WebMoney member in the form of graphs and tables. The administration of the resource guarantees security and reliability: it states that it strictly checks every service and promises to exclude any problematic exchanger on the user's complaint. On the site you will find reviews, age and BL (business level) of exchange offices, the volume of currency reserves.

It is easy to use monitoring: in the table on the left it is enough to indicate what you want to give and what you plan to receive. I chose WMR and Sberbank, went to the appropriate page and selected the first exchanger on the list - onlinechange.com.

With the help of Online Charge, I deducted money for half a year and waited for the coveted discount of 0.1%, until one day the limit of 3,000 rubles appeared. That is, to get a weekly salary, I needed to do the same thing three times:

  • Copy WMID from "Keeper" and paste into the application field.
  • Write F.I.O. in Russian.
  • Specify the details of a bank card.

This situation freaked me out and I began to look for a more convenient way. It turned out that over the past six months and overpaid.

Useful advice: if you need to change some title signs to others (for example, WMZ to WMR), forget about exchangers - use WM Exchanger. There are favorable exchange rates and automatic p2p exchange. In the section on exchanges, you will find information about other sections of the Exchanger.

TELEPAY: not cheap, but fast

Telepay is a one-stop WebMoney account replenishment service. With it, you can put money on the phone balance, pay utility bills, withdraw money to a Visa or Mastercard card.

Features of replenishment of bank cards through Telepay:

  • Up to 35,000 rubles can be withdrawn per day, no more than 200,000 rubles per month.
  • At Visa, the money comes instantly, the terms of transfer to Mastercard - up to three days.
  • You can send the amount to anyone, there is no binding bank cards to WMID.
  • The funds come from the UK, which means that there is a certain risk of blocking the card by bank employees.

The commission (2.5% + 40 rubles) is quite high, but in my case Telepay turned out to be more profitable than Onlinechange.

Now every week I saved 52 rubles with the withdrawal of 10 000 WMR. It seems that a little money, but for the year in this situation will run almost two and a half thousand.

And, of course, Telepay is much more convenient than exchangers.

"Megaphone" card: max profit without cash

Against the background of digitalization and uberization, the business is transforming: IT companies are entering the passenger and cargo transportation market, banks are penetrating online, and telecom operators are entering the banking sector. So, for example, Megafon opened the “blue ocean” by connecting together a bank account and a mobile phone account.

Information from the site bank.megafon.ru

The money on this account can be spent on a telephone conversation and on the purchase of products in the supermarket.

To get a card, take a passport and go to the central office of MegaFon. The Gold card costs 249 rubles, but the users of the tariffs - “Turn on! Listen / Speak / Talk / Look / Premium” and “All Inclusive” M / L / XL / VIP - can issue it for free. When I connected, it was more profitable to buy a SIM card with a certain tariff and change it after a while, rather than pay 249 rubles.

The phone bill is also replenished through the Telepay service. The commission for the operation is 0.8%, the amount of replenishment is no more than 15,000 rubles. I did not find information about daily and monthly limits, but if you find them and they do not suit you, you can always get a few more cards for free.

Servicing the MegaFon card is not worth a ruble. Cashback can only be obtained from a small number of partners, so there is little practical use.

The interest on the balance is 8% per annum subject to two conditions:

  • On the account the amount is more than 500 rubles.
  • Made at least one purchase per month.

Important point: five hundred rubles are not taken into account by the loyalty program. Keep 10,000 on your account - in one year you will receive from above (10,000 - 500) * 0.08 = 760 rubles (of course, if you turn off SMS banking, which costs 30 rubles a month).

If you withdraw cash, MegaFon will take a commission of 2.5% - it will turn out almost the same as with the withdrawal via Telepei. For transfer to another card (for example, c "Megaphone Gold" to "Tinkoff Black") will have to pay 2% of the amount. That is, if we transfer 10 000 WMR to the number of "Megaphone", and then we transfer rubles to another card for withdrawing cash, we lose 280 rubles. Savings, compared with a simple replenishment of the card via Telepay, is only 10 rubles.

Thus, the MegaFon card is the most profitable option for the withdrawal of WebMoney if you pay in a cashless way. It makes no sense to open it for withdrawing cash and remittances.

One of the main advantages of such a card: there is no danger of blocking. Money is on the balance of your phone, so do not be afraid of sanctions or revocation of the license of the issuing bank (MegaFon’s financial products are served by Bank Round LLC).

Exchange: long, but big limits

I did not bother with Cards Exchanger, C2C Web Money and Wire Exchanger, because money was always needed "just yesterday." If you have time and withdraw large sums, then this method may suit you.

On the exchanges, WebMoney users themselves set the terms of the exchange, and the system acts as a guarantor of the transaction (however, all responsibility lies with its participants). You can exchange WMR for rubles in two ways:

  • Choose a suitable exchange offer from the list of current applications and submit your counter request for it.
  • Submit your own new application and expect it to be approved by another WM participant.

Wire Exchanger and Cards Exchanger are similar.

Wire exchanger

Cards exchanger

Certificate Requirements

Not below formal

Not lower than the initial

Withdrawal method

To a bank account (if you have a card, details can be obtained from the bank)

To map


1,5-2 % + 0,8 %

From 2% + 0.8%

Insurance premium (returned to the wallet after successful completion of the transaction)

2 %

2 %


From 1000 WMR

From 100 to 200 000 WMR

Users note that the amounts for Wire Exchanger are inconvenient, transactions may be disrupted by the fault of the other party, and in this case they do not return a commission of 0.8%. It is more profitable and more reliable to withdraw money on this exchange through a representative of WebMoney. Conservative Commercial Bank JSC works with the lowest commission (1.52%), but there are restrictions: you can withdraw up to 60,000 WMR at a time, and up to 100,000 WMR per month.

C2C WebMoney works a little differently: you get not one, but several small translations. The service itself searches for counter orders and automatically makes deals. The withdrawal amount must be a multiple of one hundred, and the money on the card comes from other WebMoney members.

The good news is that you will be fully refunded the amount and commission, if there are no suitable bids. In case of partial payment, the system will also return the remaining WMR along with the commission to this balance.

For initial and personal certificates in C2C WebMoney, the following restrictions apply:

  • The minimum amount is 100 WMR.
  • Once you can withdraw a maximum of 60,000 rubles.
  • Daily withdrawal limit - 90 000 rubles, monthly - 600 000 rubles.
Attention: your bank may charge additional fees from card-to-card payments. Find out the rates in advance or just try to withdraw a small amount to start.

By the way, through C2C WebMoney is profitable to enter money into the system. When buying WMR in the amount of more than 2 800 rubles - the commission is not charged, and credited to the wallet.

Important: about certificates and commissions

Keep in mind: the numbers in the article are relevant only when using the E-num authorization system. If you confirm transactions using SMS, please note that WebMoney takes 1.5 rubles for each message. Do not want to pay for text messages - use E-num authorization.

The standard 0.8% commission will be avoided only in three cases:

  • Carry out an operation for an amount in excess of 187,500 rubles (the maximum amount of commission is 1500 WMR).
  • You throw money between your wallets of the same type.
  • Send WMR to the participant’s R-purse with the same certificate as yours (with your certificate not lower than the initial one).

More information about fees and commissions - on the site WM. Now about certificates.

WM users with passports below the initial one are faced with financial constraints, they are less trusted by other members of the system. From December 2016 with a pseudonym certificate you cannot even refill a mobile phone account. If you are constantly working with WebMoney, make a primary or personal passport. The first can be obtained free of charge through the public services portal, the second - for 2-5 WMZ at a meeting with the registrar.

I received a personal certificate back in 2011, I still use it.

Penny saves the ruble

What is the result:

  • From exchangers should be completely abandoned. As a last resort, go to Bestchange: watch the exchange rates and choose the best services.
  • Telepay (top up cards) use for fast withdrawal of small amounts.
  • Get a MegaFon card and transfer money to your phone’s account with maximum profit if you mainly pay by bank transfer.
  • Withdraw large sums of money using exchanges: C2C WebMoney, Cards Exchanger and Wire Exchanger.
  • Start using E-num - do not pay one and a half rubles for each SMS.
  • Get an initial or personal passport - open additional features.

Better yet, find other ways to take money from employers, partners, and customers. You never know: from WebMoney you can wait for anything.

Watch the video: Webmoney WMZ to Visa, Master cards (December 2019).


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