Zombak in a burger, toilet bowl with candies and-and-and ... only not Buzova!

Pumpkins, skulls, bats ... Let's see, did the brands come up with something interesting this year or limited to the standard symbols of All Saints Day?

Clothing, cosmetics, accessories

This is the most popular direction for Halloween: many dress up, do a terrible makeup and go to a costume party. Brands usually do not differ in originality - they offer carnival costumes, make-up sets, accessories for creating an image and teach how to make up properly.

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Get ready for the day of the year!

Posted by ZARA Official (@zara) Oct 18, 2018 at 5:07 am PDT

Zara shot a series of short videos under the slogan "Get ready for Halloween!"

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OH DEER! We're obsessed with this Halloween makeup created by @leaassaad_mua. Get the look using: #masterprime blur + redness control #superstayfoundation in 'sand' #dreamlumitouch highlighting concealer in 'nude' #masterfix setting + perfecting powder powder me! concealer in 'fair' lasting drama gel eyeliner in 'blackest black' #totaltemptation mascara #colorsensational lipstick in 'nude embrace' #masterchrome

Publication by Maybelline New York (@maybelline) Oct 25, 2018 at 7:10 am PDT

Maybelline NY Shows How To Do Scary Makeup

Household products

Here, too, everything is clear: brands play on the desire to decorate the house for Halloween and sell various trifles. And sometimes even lower prices - in a terrible way, of course.

Food manufacturers, hypermarkets, retailers

It would seem that this is where there is room for imagination, but at the output we get the next recipes for Halloween, the theme of zombies and pumpkins. I liked the video from foreign brands, Stakanidze expert and cool Baba Yaga.

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Would you like your TWIX with a ghost? • • #TWIX #TWIXminis #TWIXfunsize #caramel #chocolate #cookie #TWIXandTreat #TWIXorTreat #Halloween #ghosts #ghosted

Publication from TWIX® (@twix) 20 Oct 2018 at 9:17 PDT

"Would you share your twix with a ghost?"

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Need a break? Look no further. Your friendly neighborhood Jake-o-Lantern has you covered! #BreaksAreGood #HaveAKitKat

Publication from Kit Kat (@kitkat_us) 18 Oct 2018 at 11:05 PDT

Talking pumpkin from KitKat. Boo!


Suggest a list of scary sights or find horror in the ordinary? Legendary Airbnb offer one, not less legendary Aviasales - another.

Childen's goods

"Halloween is not at all scary," the manufacturers of children's clothes, toys and sweets convince us. The exception is, perhaps, the goods for small children - it is better not to frighten them with any evil spirit.


You can time anything for Halloween - make a costume for a tank, a new game world, start a collaboration with a world-famous group ...


This year, the brands somehow relaxed and didn’t pay enough attention to Hull. I had to combine in this section all that I could find.


Halloween and cars are little related things, but they tried and they did it.

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Trick or treat! #Kia wishes you the most fun on a spooky #Halloween! #HappyHalloween

Publication from Kia Motors Worldwide (@kiamotorsworldwide) Oct 30 2018 at 7:15 am PDT

KIA Motors offers to recall the years of gold and chop into the console

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Trick or Treat? #pumpkin #happyhalloween #vwmicrobus #volkswagen #vw

Publication from Volkswagen (@volkswagen) October 30, 2018 at 9:15 PDT

Volkswagen turned the pumpkin into a carriage. I mean in the car

Internet marketing, infobusiness

Who as non-marketers know that Halloween is a great reason for situational marketing!


And a couple of brands that are not included in any of the categories.

Well, scary (no)?

So what do we have? Brands that have launched a new line / new product, offer their goods and services under the Halloween shop, prepare in advance for the holiday. A long job, but also a bit of irony and a pinch of creativity - and we have viral content for social networks who want to share.

Brands, little related to the theme of All Saints' Day, are also not lost: they make videos, play associations, joke and hold contests. It seems to be frivolous content, but it helps to raise sales!

And yet, yet ... At the exit, we see the same thing: pumpkins of all sorts, villainous faces, zombies, gloomy interiors ... A really original cool idea will flash by a rare flash. OZON, thanks for Buzov, amused! Angry Birds, Leroy Merlin, Red and White, Starbucks Russia, Aviasales also worked great. What do you like the most?

Do you want to promote business in social networks with a twinkle? Then forward to us!

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