Why CRM small business and what to look for when choosing

Do you often have the idea that the sales department is not working at full capacity? This is most likely the case if you do not know: how many incoming calls and requests are received every day, week or month; what stage of the sales funnel is each customer; how many leads are in each manager's job; at what stage do you most often lose customers; how many potential buyers do not become real and why.

How to create a conversion landing page

Site attendance is one of the most important indicators of its successful promotion. Therefore, brands spend resources to get targeted traffic. They use a variety of marketing technologies, including advertising, content marketing, SMM, Email, SEO, etc. The fight for traffic requires constant effort and investment, as potential and existing consumers always need new information.

How to remove from the text extra artistry

I will explain how, without being an editor, a business and blog owner can independently assess the relevance of the artistic techniques used in the articles. You will learn: how to present the reader in a convenient form with the information for which he started reading; how to find problems in tasty texts with sufficient meaning.

Where is the line between editing and taste? Confession chief editor

She is not. Each editor and customer creates his own chaos. But-oh ... you can identify internal criteria in order to evaluate all the content on the same principle. At least within one project. First, all the same about the chaos. How to understand that the article is good? Bonus - the terrible truth about your Central Asia Do not understand. Whatever may be said about the content aimed at Central Asia, each editor creates the product that is of interest to him personally.

What is content marketing?

Do not believe if you are told that content marketing is the future of business. This is already present. Today, Western analysts are talking about the explosive growth of this area of ​​Internet marketing. Content marketing - if you have not heard this word, then remember it, you will hear it very soon. Probably, you are already implementing this technology, even without knowing it.